About Us

We started drfocused to reclaim the tens of thousands of hours of medical time that are wasted each year through form-filling, administration, and extra paperwork.

Our team brings together years of experience in medicine and healthcare technology, and a shared passion to increase healthcare efficiency. We use user-centered design practices and work alongside our community of clinicians to develop top-quality, efficient technology.

Doctors’ time is valuable, and it’s time for technologies to care for doctors, refocusing attention to their main task - providing excellent care to patients.

– Kit Latham, CEO of drfocused


  • Dr Kit Latham
    Dr Kit Latham
    An A&E doctor who hates paperwork and can’t stand inefficiency.
  • Artem Stalpouski
    Artem Stalpouski
    Crazy in love with the product, Artem leads the development and design teams.
  • Andrey Beletsky
    Andrey Beletsky
    Senior Software Architect
    Expert in DevOps, backend development, and data security
  • Max Protasov
    Max Protasov
    Software Engineer
    Frontend specialist, specialist in functional programming and hands down the coolest member of the team
  • Artem Morozov
    Artem Morozov
    Lead Software Engineer
    Frontend department leader, specialist of data security and architecture
  • Irina Beletskaya
    Irina Beletskaya
    Quality Assurance Engineer
    Irina guards our product from glitches and pesky bugs, and makes sure everything works. Every time.


  • Chris Coleridge
    Chris Coleridge
    Professor of Strategy at Cambridge Business School, Startup Board Advisor
  • Dewinder Bhachu
    Dewinder Bhachu
    25 years of expertise in healthcare informatics
  • Jon Bailey
    Jon Bailey
    Former chair of Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Trainee Group
  • David Stansell
    David Stansell
    Financial adviser, led the due diligence for the £4bn financing of Three UK