About Us

We started drfocused to reclaim the tens of thousands of hours of medical time that are wasted each year through form-filling, administration, and extra paperwork.

Our team brings together years of experience in medicine and healthcare technology, and a shared passion to increase healthcare efficiency. We use user-centered design practices and work alongside our community of clinicians to develop top-quality, efficient technology.

Doctors’ time is valuable, and it’s time for technologies to care for doctors, refocusing attention to their main task - providing excellent care to patients.

– Kit Latham, CEO of drfocused

The Doctors’ Digital Collective

We have created an 1000-strong community of doctors who collaboratively create better digital tools: The Doctors’ Digital Collective. This active community holds monthly events and is currently designing and developing 14 health technology projects.

Through this group we can access early adopters in virtually every hospital in the UK, gain in-depth user feedback, and are delighted to frequently have community members showcase our products in their workplaces.

Doctors' Digital Collective


  • Dr Kit Latham
    Dr Kit Latham
    An A&E doctor who hates paperwork and can’t stand inefficiency.
  • Artem Stalpouski
    Artem Stalpouski
    Crazy in love with the product, Artem leads the development and design teams.
  • Andrey Beletsky
    Andrey Beletsky
    Senior Software Architect
    Expert in DevOps, backend development, and data security
  • Max Protasov
    Max Protasov
    Software Engineer
    Frontend specialist, specialist in functional programming and hands down the coolest member of the team
  • Artem Morozov
    Artem Morozov
    Lead Software Engineer
    Frontend department leader, specialist of data security and architecture
  • Irina Beletskaya
    Irina Beletskaya
    Quality Assurance Engineer
    Irina guards our product from glitches and pesky bugs, and makes sure everything works. Every time.


  • Chris Coleridge
    Chris Coleridge
    Professor of Strategy at Cambridge Business School, Startup Board Advisor
  • Dewinder Bhachu
    Dewinder Bhachu
    25 years of expertise in healthcare informatics
  • Jon Bailey
    Jon Bailey
    Former chair of Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Trainee Group
  • David Stansell
    David Stansell
    Financial adviser, led the due diligence for the £4bn financing of Three UK