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Speed up the management of Exception Reports drfocused

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Less time spent on paperwork
Less time spent on paperwork

Our software is designed with doctors and human-computer interaction specialists, making it painless to use.

Stress-free scheduling
Stress-free scheduling

Automated scheduling and staff management all in one place.

Safe rotas
Safe rotas

Contract-compliant and mathematically optimised rotas increase patient safety.

Backed by clinicians

We build our products with the support of the Doctors’ Digital Collective, a growing network of over a 1000 doctors who are passionate about great medical software.

Doctors' Digital Collective

Effortless exception reporting

Our first product for doctors is a tool for Exception Reporting.

With it, they can submit exception reports up to 90% faster than before. It’s been used in over 70 hospitals, by over 500 doctors.

Being a doctor is hard

We think that doctors need to be better supported with technology. We’re working hard to build doctors better tools to complete their paperwork up to 90% faster.

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Dr Will Breakey

Kit and his team are creating tools that are built for people like me, and built by people like me.

Dr Will Breakey - Academic & Pediatric Plastic Surgeon

Naveed Hossain

Thanks drfocused for reducing the amount of time I have to spend completing paperwork. Keep it up!

Naveed Hossain - Surgery SpR

Jon Bailey

I worked with drfocused to develop their exception reporting app. It’s designed to be as fast and as simple as possible for any doctor to complete their exception reports from their phone.

Jon Bailey - Former CCIO Milton Keynes Hospital Trust

Intan Yeop

This easy-to-use system empowers the junior doctor in raising concerns about patient safety and safe working conditions. Doctors own all of the data and thus it can be referred to months or years later.

Intan Yeop - Clinical Research Fellow at Great Ormond Street Hospital

Marie-Estella McVeigh

This exception reporting app is excellent! Designed by doctors and free to use! It is totally compliant with the contract T&Cs and the best design out there - some might say better than what trusts have put in place.

Marie-Estella McVeigh - Chair of the BMA Severn Region JDC

Security at drfocused

Check out how we keep things secure here.

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